Brand New Print - A Broken Rainbow Rises

If you've been following me on Instagram for a while now, you know I have a soft spot for bright pastel-hued creations: I find they make amazing accent pieces or centerpieces for any room! Plus, my customers often comment on how much these creations brighten up their space...

As most creators, I create for myself first and foremost, but I can't be TOTALLY impervious to my customers' wishes... Right? :)

While I LOVE pastel-hued pieces, due to my creative process, preserving the integrity of these vivid colors can be quite challenging: any misstep, and it will turn the mixture to mud. Therefore, I need to be extra careful when manipulating my materials if I want it to organize exactly the way I picture it in mind instead of turning a gray-ish hue of brown!

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It all started with the idea of deconstructing a rainbow. In fact, the working title of this piece going into the studio was "Deconstructed Rainbow". But, the linguist in me thought it might be a bit too descriptive a title. So, I decided to go for a consonance (repetitive sounds produced by consonants within a phrase) exemplified in the repeated R's in A Broken Rainbow Rises. The repetition gives it a heavy rhythm that is quite fitting for this piece.

The idea behind the composition for "A Broken Rainbow Rises" was to take the seven colors that make up a rainbow and break them down while organizing them in an arch form - akin go the way a rainbow appears in the sky! But, instead of having a regular stratified transition from red to bright yellow to darker hues of indigo and violet, I tried to compartmentalize the colors in an abrupt manner and have them clash, or even compete together in an unruly tango. Usually, rainbows self-organize as a seamless unit where seven linear colors appear side-by-side in a linear fashion the intent behind this piece was really to chip away at the rainbow as you know it, and rebuild it in a completely novel way.

Should you be interested in purchasing a print of "A Broken Rainbow Rises" to feature on your wall, simply visit the webstore. Then, choose between fine art and metal prints and simply choose the size you want - there are many options ranging from 8x12 in to 40x60in!

Alternatively, if you're unsure whether or not it would fit your wall, get in touch with me via Guest Services - you can send me a picture of the wall you're thinking of featuring a print on, and I'll digitally add it to your wall to help you visualize the look and feel!

Every purchase gets reinvested towards making sure I have the proper equipment and materials to keep on creating more pieces for you to enjoy, whether it may be for pictures here, on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook - or bubble-popping videos on YouTube!

Thanks for your support - I'll be back soon with new creations!

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