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Back in high school, one of my favourite classes was biology. I would have enjoyed a career in that field - but, it ended up not being a career option because I had no talent, interest or patience for math, physics or chemistry... Which are kind of mandatory in STEM.

After one semester of college, I was failing most of my STEM-related classes except for biology: math, physics and chemistry were in the way. So, I had to drop out and reorient myself towards the Humanities. And that's the story of how I switched from STEM to getting a B.A. in English Literature.

But my interest in biology never waned. Over the years, I've kept up with the topic by reading a lot of different books about it - mostly about evolutionary biology; and, recently, I've been thinking... What if there was a way to bring two of my interests together: liquid photography AND biology...

So I gave it a shot, and ended up with this piece entitled "Cell Division" an attempt to recreate Mitosis but at a macro level: 

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Revisiting my STEM-field days over the weekend was quite fascinating. It allowed me to rekindle with concepts I hadn't studied in a long time: Osmosis, Mitosis, Coacervates, etc. But overall, it allowed me to come up with arguably one of my most unique pieces ever! 

The best way to come up with a fitting composition that had a very "Origins of Life" feel to it was to use the "Hollow Bubbles" technique that allows for negative translucent bubbles to be created. The mixture of purple, blue and black gives it a very primal yet eerie look+feel. 

If you enjoy "Cell Division" and want to feature it on your wall, simply visit the webstore and choose the support you prefer: fine art paper or metal print. Then, choose the size you want, from 8x12in to 40x60in! I'll make sure it's delivered to you in no time so you can add it to your home decor in the briefest delays!

If you enjoy that visual style but aren't sure if that piece is the right fit for you, I invite you to shop all of my "Hollow Bubbles" styled pictures.

The profits of every print sold gets reinvested towards my photography studio, whether it may be liquids, lenses, cameras or lighting. This allows me to keep on creating more and more pieces for you to enjoy here, on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook - or bubble-popping videos on YouTube


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If you haven't done so, I encourage you to read my blog post on "The Night the Stars Fell", the previous piece I released.  

As always, thanks for your continued support!!!

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