Brand New Print - Being Here Is Everything

Sometimes, I wish there was a proper way to show a proper sense of scale when it comes down to my bubble photography work. But at the same time, I think it’s one of the strengths of my craft – there is no way for anyone but me to tell how big or small the bubbles you’re looking at were in real life, which leaves the viewer wondering what the hell is going on. Is this the size of a baseball? A golf ball? A pearl? It all depends on the composition, and there’s no real way for you to know, and that’s the way I like it!

In the case of this piece, “Being Here Is Everything”, these bubbles are some of the tiniest I’ve ever photographed. Catching these tiny bubbles is quite a feat of its own. In one swift motion, I need to:

a) decide on the proper composition
b) figure out at what height I need to set my tripod to properly frame the composition I've identified
c) make sure everything is in focus (I never use autofocus, only manual focus)
d) set the shutter speed to let more light in while making sure the depth of field will be compelling – but the closer it is, the higher my shutter speed will be, which means a higher likelihood of motion blur
e) move the lighting around to create proper shading and 3D effects (otherwise everything will look flat and boring)

All of this needs to happen within a brief second – liquids are very fickle in nature, they move around pretty fast. So what might look good under my lens as I start tweaking the settings might look bland a second later when I’m done executing all the steps above. Failing at any of these steps means I just wasted:

1) time
2) a good picture, and
3) a ton of liquids.

In a sense this is what I like about bubble photography; the technical challenge that comes along with it... How pristine in execution everything needs to be, from the moment I’m mixing the first liquids to the moment I click the shutter.

It’s why I’ve been spending many hours on a daily basis in my photography studio over the last year and it’s why I’ll keep on doing it for many more years to come!

This new piece Being Here Is Everything” is now available in the webstore - simply choose size (8x12in to 40x60in) and support (metal or fine arts paper) and I'll make sure it gets shipped to you as quickly as possible, but not before I've had time to personally inspect the print to make sure the colors are properly rendered and that no defects happened during the printing phase.

Every sale gets reinvested into more photography: liquids, lenses, cameras and lighting - it allows me to create more pieces on an ongoing basis for you to enjoy here on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook - or bubble-popping videos on YouTube


If you haven't done so, I encourage you to read my blog post on my previous piece entitled "Cell Division" - a unique piece composed of "Hollow Bubbles".

Talk to you soon!

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