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Maybe you haven't noticed, but most of my pieces are landscape oriented, which means they're wider than they are tall.  

As a rule of thumb, I never crop my pictures. In order to raise the technical challenge for myself, I shoot in a very “what you see is what you get” manner. The only situation where I’ll crop a picture is if the composition was specifically designed to be square.

That being said, I feel like landscape and portrait orientations suit bubbles best most of the times. I prefer to frame the circular shape of a bubble within a rectangular setting: a bubble centered in a square is a bit bland composition-wise, unless it was specifically designed to fit a square setting.

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"Lost Dreamers" is definitely one of those cases where landscape or portrait orientation was not suitable for the composition. The angle and curvature of the rainbow-hued bubbles and the directionality of the marbling effect were perfectly suited for a square framing.

Lost Dreamers” is now available in the webstore - simply choose the size you wish (from 10x10 inches to 40x40 inches) and support you prefer (metal or fine arts paper). I'll then arrange for your print to get produced at my preferred printer here in Toronto, and then I'll make sure to personally inspect it prior to it being shipped out to you in order to make sure the colors were printed properly and that there are no visual defects.

Your patronage really matters: the product of every individual sale gets reinvested into more photography materials ranging from liquids, lenses, cameras and lighting. This way, I can keep on creating more pieces for you to enjoy here on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook - or bubble-popping videos on YouTube!

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If you haven't done so yet, I encourage you to read up on "Being Here Is Everything".

I'll be back soon with something really exciting!!!

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