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Sometimes, there’s beauty in complexity. I love convoluted compositions that blend 10 colors together in a clashing yet complementary fashion. But, sometimes, there’s beauty in simplicity.

This new piece “Silent Sorrows” was created with simplicity in mind. I’ve been sidelined for the last week and a half due to an eye infection (if you noticed, I haven’t posted a new image since early July, when I published “Lost Dreamers”). In order to ease back into things since I was a little rusty, I decided to mix three colors: blue, yellow and black. After over 10 days outside of the studio, I didn’t want to attempt anything too complex.

My muscle memory and color theory was a little bit rusty – so I had to be a little bit more cognizant of every action when I made it back into the studio yesterday, forcing me to really study every element of my process and rekindle with the beauty in simplicity. See, there’s a phenomenon – the more proficient you become at something, the more complexity you require in order to get personal enjoyment out of it. And you end up equating complexity with proficiency.

Breaking away from this mindset - which insidiously creeps in over time - will allow me to have a fresh new take on creation when I make it back into the studio tonight.

Silent Sorrows” is now available in the webstore 

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And, before I wrap up, look up my blog post about my previous piece "Lost Dreamers" if you haven't done so yet!


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Talk to you soon!!!

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