What’s a commission?

A commission occurs when you ask an artist to create a unique piece, specifically for you. It is intended to be a special experience where the minds between client and artist come together.

The result is not only a truly unique and personal piece of art; it is also a creative process between the artist and the collector.

Who might be interested in a commission?

As Bubble Art tends to be very visually striking and intriguing, a lot of people choose to commission a work of art as a focal point for a room. Others prefer to use it as an accent piece.

Whatever the case may be, the result is as unique as it is both colourful and bold, and assuredly creates a strong reaction with everyone who sees it. it tends to become a very potent conversation piece.

Some people choose to commission a piece for their home environment; others choose to do so for their corporate environment whether it may be for their business office or common areas.

How long does it take before the final piece of art is delivered?

From the initial conversation to you having the work of art in your hands, the process can take from 6 to 8 weeks. This factors everything: ideation, production, digital enhancements, printing and delivery times.

How much does it cost?

Every project is unique – but, ultimately, the pricing factors in studio time, cost of raw ingredients, as well as printing and shipping costs.

How can I commission a piece?

The first step when it comes down to commissioning your very own piece of art is to get in touch with the studio by  filling the form below.

Together, we will explore what you have in mind and discuss the look and feel of your bespoke piece.

We will have a conversation about styles, colours, motifs and inspiration. Maybe you have a specific set of colours in mind you’d like me to work with? Or a specific look and feel that you enjoy? Together, we will work in order to bring your vision to life.

Alternatively, some people prefer to take the photographer take the lead and design a unique piece for them.

Please fill out the following form in order to help guide our initial conversation.

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  • Color

  • Please choose the colors you’d want your piece to be created with. If you’re unsure, you can leave the fields blank, or choose “Artist’s Choice” if you would rather leave it up to me.

  • Message

  • Please describe what you have in mind for this commission; this will help frame our initial conversation. Be as descriptive as possible:

  • Style

  • Enter the name of some of your favourite pictures, from the boutique or our Instagram feed. This will help me envision what you have in mind. Please tell me the name of up to three of your favourite pieces:

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